Can You Run It?

Is your computer up to the challenge?

Oracle Orbs

Through the magic of quantum gaming Prosperity Path can put you in touch with the oracle guaranteed to get you to the heart of your question and find the answers that await.

Prosperity Path Orbs sculpt color, sound, and spacial relationships creating a coupling factor between the relative and the absolute, the inner and the outer, the Einsteinian and the Quantum.

This did not come about by accident. This process has been in development for several decades. At last the technology is ready.

Try it for yourself -- just 99 cents.

That's right, you can try any of these amazing orbs for the low cost of the download.

We charge nothing for the orbs. We just ask you to contribute 99 cents to help cover the costs of the downloads.

Pick one from the matrix below and give it a test drive.